Ezzo's Tons of Pepperoni and Other Fun Facts

Chris Gaitten
An Ezzo Sausage Co. worker shows off some of the business' sought-after pepperoni.

As magazine editors, we write about an ever-changing array of topics month after month, from crime to crème brûlée. Here are some of the most interesting things we learned while researching our September issue, with links to the full stories.

1. The building that houses Milo Arts, the city’s longest-running artist residence, was built as a schoolhouse in 1894.

2. Last year, for the first time ever, the sport of pickleball had more participants than track and field at the Ohio Senior Olympics in Westerville.

3. First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of Chillicothe native Rutherford B. Hayes, began the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll tradition.

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4. Despite their portrayal in popular culture, about a quarter of all cowboys were black, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

5. The Great Circle Earthworks in Heath were once the site of a Civil War fort, a fairgrounds and an amusement park.

6. “American Factory,” a documentary about a former Dayton auto plant by Yellow Springs resident Julia Reichert, was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama.

7. Ezzo Sausage Co. near Hilliard makes 130,000 pounds of pepperoni, salami and sausage per week for pizza places nationwide.


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