Visit Kingmakers' board game sale but don't embarrass yourself

Joel Oliphint

You know that thing you’re really into? The thing that, over the years, you’ve progressed from casual observer to superfan? And it’s a wonderful, life-giving thing, but it’s also a bit hard to talk about, because only other superfans understand the level of your obsession? And when other people try to talk to you about it, it’s pretty painful?  

I imagine this is what the regulars at Kingmakers feel like when they tell people they enjoy board games, and then well-meaning responders start talking about Monopoly. While I'm sure the staffers at Kingmakers will smile politely if you show up wanting to play Life, they’ll likely also point you to some alternatives you may enjoy. In fact, Kingmakers has Board Game Sommeliers who are there for that very purpose, guiding you to the best games for your group size, skill level, etc. Think of it like a knowledgeable record store clerk leading a customer stoked on the Goo Goo Dolls to the Replacements.

All that to say, when Kingmakers is having a board game sale, this isn’t like Target putting its Marvel-themed Chutes & Ladders games on clearance. As part of the Short North Holiday Bazaar (which coincides with so-called Small Business Weekend, a local alternative to the big box-heavy Black Friday), Kingmakers is having a board game sale on Sunday, Dec. 1, opening early at 11 a.m. for you to shop the store’s archive of retired and excess games. Kingmakers will offer a little more than 100 titles, and experts say they’ll go fast, so showing up early is advised.

Kingmakers will also feature a pop-up shop with “local, handcrafted, nerdy swag” for additional holiday shopping. But maybe keep your strategies for buying up all the railroads to yourself while browsing.


11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1

17 Buttles Ave., Short North

Board Game Sale