What You Missed in Columbus for May 4

Joel Oliphint
Dozens donned masks along with scrubs and white coats as the Physicians Action Network held a public rally in support of Dr. Amy Acton at the Ohio Statehouse on Sunday, May 3. Doctors stood 6 feet apart, marked by lengths of rope, to highlight the value of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rally was a response to protesters who demonstrated outside Acton's home in Bexley on Saturday.

On Sunday, about 35 medical workers in masks stood 6 feet apart outside the Statehouse in silent support of Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio's health director, and the state's "stay at home" orders. In contrast to other recent protests at the Statehouse, which have attracted anti-vaxxers, white nationalists and far-right Ohio Senate candidate Melissa Ackison (who lost), the few dozen who gathered consistently practiced social distancing and held signs reading, "Doctors stand with Dr. Acton," "Listen to the Doctor" and "Dr. Acton we have your back."

The rally of support came after a smattering of 15 to 20 protesters opposing COVID-19-related shutdowns descended on the street where Acton lives in Bexley on Saturday.


Today, Ohio will continue its reopening process. "Nonessential" manufacturing, construction, distribution and other offices are allowed to resume work, though most are doing so slowly and gradually. On Friday, elective surgeries and dental and veterinary services were also allowed to resume.


Today is May 4, so gear up for many, many "May the Fourth be with you" Star Wars memes, which will be either annoying or entertaining, depending on your level of fandom and tolerance of puns.