Daily Distraction: Watch the zoo's new okapi calf prance around

Joel Oliphint
The new male okapi at the Columbus Zoo.

In perhaps the best news you'll hear this week, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium recently announced that a male okapi was born to mother Damisi and father El Jewar (presumably named after a little-known Star Wars character?) on Friday, May 8. It's the sixth okapi calf born at the zoo since 2003.

The zoo also released some adorable photos of the unnamed calf, along with a video of the little guy prancing around:

For those who don't know (and shame on you), the okapi looks like a mashup of a horse, zebra and giraffe and is sometimes called the African unicorn. The endangered species is the only living relative of the giraffe.

In a tragic twist of fate, Alive editor and No. 1 okapi fan Andy Downing is out on furlough the same week this glorious news was announced. In fact, while on furlough, Andy is not allowed to discuss anything work-related, so now we can't even talk about okapis together. 

Also, full disclosure: My wife works at the Columbus Zoo. But she has not seen this new okapi in person, and neither have I, which is honestly something we're both struggling with right now. But we're #InThisTogether.