Daily Distraction: Watch 'Cincinnati Goddamn'

Joel Oliphint
From 'Cincinnati Goddamn,' a 2015 documentary about the police killings of young black men.

I know, I know. This isn't much of a distraction. It won't take your mind off the protests in the streets. But sometimes when there's a fire, you have to lean forward a little more to feel the heat. And if you inhale some smoke while you're at it, so be it.

In 2015 I wrote about "Cincinnati Goddamn," a documentary about the protests that erupted in Cincinnati in 2001 after police killed the 15th black man since 1995. No white suspects had been killed by the Cincinnati Police Department in the same time frame.

At the time, April Martin was working for a Cincinnati TV station, and she began collecting footage of the protests, which she later brought to Paul Hill at the Wexner Center, which screened the film the pair made in September of 2015. 

Now, the Wex has made the film, which focuses mostly on the deaths of 19-year-old Timothy Thomas and 29-year-old Roger Owensby Jr., free to stream directly from its website

“I wanted to tell a story that was as hard-hitting and effective as it could possibly be, and get an audience member enraged enough that he or she would want to take action,” Paul Hill told me in 2015. “One of the things we’re struggling with is, what to do with the anger the film raises. We’re still trying to figure that out.”

With protests happening in Columbus every day, there's a pretty natural outlet for expressing that anger right now.