The Ongoing Circus Bus Saga

Joel Oliphint
Marisa "Reese" Digati, seated, is detained by police during protests in Downtown Columbus on Sunday, May 31.

After Reese Digati’s converted school bus was stopped by Columbus police during Downtown protests on the evening of Sunday, May 31, officers detained her, along with Digati’s fiance and several of their friends, on the sidewalk. Police searched and impounded the bus (dubbed Buttercup by its owners), then gave Digati a citation for “blocking the road” near the intersection of Broad and Third streets.

There were a few strange things about the citation. For starters, Digati only stopped the bus after being ordered to by police, who then ticketed her for obstructing traffic. The ticket itself was also riddled with errors. It listed Digati as 6 feet tall (she’s barely 5 feet) and misidentified Buttercup’s color as white (it’s painted in trippy rainbow tones). Near the bottom of the ticket, the officer indicated that Digati would need to report to Franklin County Municipal Court at 9 a.m. on July 26 — a Sunday.

Even though the court only handles traffic violations Monday through Friday, Digati showed up to the courthouse on July 26 and took a photo of herself for proof, just in case, then came back the following Monday to see the clerk, who assigned her a legitimate court date — Tuesday, Aug. 4.

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