Daily Distraction: Listen to Tyler Childers' 'Long Violent History'

Joel Oliphint
Tyler Childers

Today, country/folk artist and Kentucky native Tyler Childers surprise-released a new album, Long Violent History. It's a mostly instrumental, Appalachia-evoking album that Childers wrote back in June, and it features one song title with some Columbus history: Camp Chase.

On the titular closing track, Childers uses his voice. "It’s the worst that it’s been since the last time it happened/It’s happening again right in front of our eyes/There’s updated footage, wild speculation/Tall tales and hearsay and absolute lies," he sings.

Initially, Childers planned to release the album and let it speak for itself, but in a new video, the artist wants to make sure the songs aren't misinterpreted. In so doing, he makes a powerful statement on systemic racism. "What I believe to be one of the biggest obstacles in pinpointing the cause of this is our inability to empathize with another individual or group’s plight," Childers says, challenging his "white, rural listeners" to do a few things, including "stop being so taken aback by Black Lives Matter" and "start looking for ways to preserve our heritage outside lazily defending a flag with history steeped in racism and treason."

Watch Childers' statement below, followed by the song "Long Violent History."