The peaceful transition of U.S. presidential power: March 4, 1797-Jan. 6, 2021

Andy Downing
Twitter screen grab

In a still-developing story, thousands of Donald Trump's supporters rioted and stormed the Capitol, entering the Senate chamber. The breach forced an evacuation of Congress, which was in the process of certifying Joe Biden's presidential victory.

While police tried (gently, by most appearances) to control the scene, Trump logged on to Twitter to pour gas on the fire, lambasting Vice President Mike Pence for not moving to decertify the election results, thereby advancing Trump's continued attempted coup. (He followed it up later with a call to "stay peaceful!")

The wild scene is currently unfolding on social media, with photos and videos circulating of the right wing rioters, some of whom can be seen carrying Confederate flags, wandering the Capitol like tourists. (For some reason, most of them even remained within the velvet ropes.)

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