What you missed in Columbus for Feb. 8

Andy Downing
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate a Super Bowl victory

New England Patriot fans must have experienced some serious deja vuwatching Tom Brady complete a couple of early touchdown passes to tight end Rob Gronkowski en route to Tampa Bay’s convincing 31-9 Super Bowl dismantling of the heavily favored Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The Buccaneers won by dominating the line on both sides of the ball, particularly on the defensive end, which prevented the Chiefs all-world quarterback Patrick Mahomes from establishing any sense of rhythm.

This marks the seventh Super Bowl win for Brady, who notched his previous six victories quarterbacking the Pats.


In a welcome COVID-19 development,case numbers have continued to plummet in the state. For the week ending Sunday, Ohio reported 24,425 new cases, down from 31,470 the previous week, a drop of more than 22 percent. It certainly doesn’t hurt that we’re in the midst of a cold snap that makes the idea of venturing out anywhere far less appealing for many. (Expect the cold temperatures to linger, as it’s currently February in Ohio.) Regardless, experts warn of dangerous new spikes possible in the U.S. as more-contagious variants of the virus gain footing. Continue to socially distance, wash your hands and wear a mask if you need to venture out in public.


The Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball teamcontinued its ascent with a balanced lineup pushing it to No. 7 in the most recent NCAA rankings. Recently the Bucks (15-4) topped No. 8 Iowa, after which Justin Ahrens lauded the team’s deep bench.

“That helps us so much, the depth we’ve got, because it’s really hard to scout us,” he said. “We’ve got nine, 10 guys coming in and making contributions each game. Other teams, they’ve got to be real locked into the scouting report.”

It’s a development that should bolster the team’s prospects moving into March Madness next month.


Ohio isn’t known for its wondrous February color palette (unless you enjoy chilling shades of gray), soKeny Galleries recently countered with a new exhibit, “The Magic of Color,” designed to introduce some brighter hues amid winter blahs. The exhibit runs through March 26.


Finally, in national news, the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is set to begin tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 8). Trump will not be testifying or providing any statements during the trial,according to his lawyers.