2006: Love and Hate

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Inspired by Stephen Colbert, who himself deserves many year-end props, I've added many things encountered in my daily routine to three lists: "Dead to Me," "Love It" and "Limbo."

Here are a few from each:


- For her work on Grey's Anatomy, formerly good actress and hottie Ellen Pompeo

- For being basically an uninformed and less intelligent version of Woody Paige, Cold Pizza host Skip Bayless

- For endless traffic problems and mediocre shows, soon-to-be-defunct local concert venue Germain Amphitheater

- For wasting valuable airtime to get guarded and soulless answers from very busy people, sideline reporters on every network

- For constantly thwarting my many Google searches for Evangeline Lilly, our company-wide Surf Control

- For continued Buckeye-hatin', ESPN GameDay host Lee Corso

- For legitimizing smugness and a lifestyle defined by electronic consumer goods, the Mac kid

- For jeopardizing public health and instilling in owners an overwhelming sense of self-importance, any dog carried in a purse


- For continued niceness and good looks, pop-music and movie star Mandy Moore

- For his enthusiastic hosting of SportsCenter and America's Funniest Home Videos, TV personality Stuart Scott

- For being the hottest celebrity to avoid public scandals, X-Men actress Famke Janssen

- For its undeniable power to start parties and lighten inter-office moods, roof-raisin'

- For continued success and consistency only enjoyed by members of the McDonald's family, the Chipotle on South High Street

For combining classic detective slang to the setting of Dazed & Confused, underappreciated indie film Brick

- For giving me many free concerts and even more cheap beers, Olde Towne East hotspot Carabar


- For nearly two years of sucking and some hints of future promise, NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live

- For the same sweet taste but a year-long drought of interesting dispensers, noted candy brand Pez

- For solid one-handed play but the viasge of Bill Russell (now), Ohio State basketball star Greg Oden