Wide-Eyed Collective sampler rocks

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

http://www.halhixson.comHal Hixson, musician and founder of local label Wide-Eyed Collective, just released his first label sampler - a collection of indie, folk, soaring, atmospheric post-rock and a bit of hip-hop.

The 12-track disc includes songs by Brainbow, Hixson, Sheldon Marsh, Guardylou and a host of other talented central Ohio musicians. It's solid from front to back.

Hixson said that not all these bands will release albums with him, but that a project like this comp is a great way to get stuff going.

They were giving it away for free at the label's strong and engaging showcase Saturday night at the Basement. For now, you can check it and order a copy at the label site here. If you want more than a tiny taste of each, nearly every one of the bands has songs up on their MySpace.com pages.

Track list from the sampler:

1. Sheldon Marsh, "Surgeon/Patient" 2. Matt Thompson, "Before I Go" 3. Hal Hixson, "Big Dreams and Bad News" 4. Blake Skidmore, "Make Me Stay" 5. Confusion Ends, "Do You Plead Guilty" 6. Brainbow, "Beard Nap" 7. Mike Wojniak, "Hymn" 8. Brundlefly, "Now's the Time" 9. Guardylou, "You Who Never Arrived" 10. Hall Hixson, "Magic and the Moon Star" 11. Matt Thompson, "Little Black Shadow" 12. Sheldon Marsh, "With Contentment"

Definitely check out the tracks by Confusion Ends, Guardylou and Hixson. The bands Hixson picked have a decent amount of shows booked in the coming month, so be sure to check them out.

Also, Hixson will be in the studio next week to discuss his plans for the year, meaning that Back Beat will be back in action ASAP.