Getting goggles

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

So I went to Target last week to buy a pair of swim goggles. I joined the YWCA, which has a killer pool, and I needed some eyewear that would keep me from looking like Tommy Chong when I come into work.

Anyhoo, I ask the gentleman in the red vest if he sells swim goggles. He looks at me like I'm sort of crazy and then informs me that the store stocks them only during "swim season."

Of course, he means summer, when most people go to the pool. However, the people who actually need goggles - those who swim competitively at any level - swim in the winter. The cold months are "swim season." Not summer.

Also, he told me this just seconds before I angrily stormed past the new display of bathing suits in the men's clothing department.

So then I make the dreaded drive out to Easton, which has a Dick's Sporting Goods on Morse Crossing.

When I finally track down an employee in this mostly disappointing warehouse - a difficult task, mind you - the clerk points me to a small, nearly hidden section of swim gear.

In it are all sorts of swim goggles...for kids. Junior versions of the coolest models produced by Speedo, TYR and others can be found in droves. Problem is, the eyepieces are about an inch too small, cutting into my retinas harshly.

When I ask him about the adult-sized goggles, he claims that the store doesn't carry them and with a slight roll of the eyes, implies that I am just plain stupid for asking.

Who saves me from another crosstown drive in the pouring rain?

The Sports Authority, 3850 Morse Rd., had everything I needed and more. The staff was friendly, the space clean and organized.

There are three locations of this awesome outfitter in Columbus that hopefully will steal all swim-goggle business from Target and Dick's.

5819 Chantry Dr., Columbus 614-860-1900

3850 Morse Rd., Columbus 614-476-0500

6285 Sawmill Dr., Dublin 614-799-0100