Weekend rants & raves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive


- The DeVilles Spectacular beef tenderloin, spinach lasagna and chocolate cream pie from Mrs. DeVille, mother of reporter Chris, made my Sunday. The noted Westerville family's hospitality was everything Chris promised...and more. With my parents in Cleveland, I haven't been able to sit by the fireplace and read the Sunday newspaper in a long time. Killer.

- Thank-you gift from the Poop House Jug Band Shortly after I featured this lively bunch of folkies several months ago, they sent up a nice basket of goodies. These goodies included a nice sampling of Little Debbie treats (mostly Fudge Rounds and Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks). Also, there was a bevvy of plastic barnyard animals (mostly chicks, cows and pigs). Thanks, Poop House.

- NFL Football I only got to see one game this weekend, because I was doing my laundry on Campus. The washers and dryers in the basement of my apartment building suffered some unfornate arson (more on this in two months, when I move out). But the Colt-Patriots game actually was worth watching the 11 pre-game montages of the teams' rivalry.

- The Tough & Lovely Not since Comfest has this garage-rock band [homepage] played in town, and the large audience at Carabar was rewarded with a skintight set of new material and old favorites. Bar owner Ron and sound man Zach have been recording all the sets, and this one should be released as a live album. I spoke with guitarist Andy Robertson, who mentioned plans for a new record. More on this soon.


- Snow Being from Cleveland, I don't bitch about a few inches of snow. However, being from a northern town that regularly recieves snow, I'm accustomed to having the snow removed by a team of city employees trained in the art of the plow.

- The Devil Wears Prada I got a screener of this film several months ago, and I put it under the awards-season pile. Last night, entertaining some late-night company, I put it on. After five minutes, neither of us could stand star Anne Hathaway's insistence that she was not skinny or pretty or well-dressed enough to land an internship at fictional Runway magazine. Yeah, you can't cast Hathaway as a down-on-her-luck journalist and expect anyone (reporter or otherwise) to take her seriously or relate to her sorry condition. Weak. Totally weak.