Top play nominees

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Alright, some beef with the recent picks on SportsCenter's "Top 10 Plays," which they select daily to showcase amazing athletic feats performed the previous day.

Problem No. 1 Lately, game importance has become more and more a factor in the selection process. That sucks. I want to see plays that are awesome, regardless of when or where they happen.

For example, look to men's college basketball. Duke's fast-break layup against Clemson gave them a last-second win. [Story] The layup itself was boring. This should not be a nominee. That a shot won a game isn't important unless the winning shot itself was awesome.

If some kid alone (except for a cameraman) on a playground hits a 1,000-foot shot, I want it on there.

Problem No. 2 Human interest stories without athletic merit also are making their way into the 10. Today, one of the top five plays was the return to the sideline of North Carolina State women's basketball coach Kay Yow. She left the team for several months to fight cancer. [Story]

Hers is a great story, and Coach Yow should be viewed as a role model for fans of the sport. For my small part, I wish her well.

But one coach shaking hands another isn't a top play. It's not even a play.