Song of the Day: Brian Eno

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Artist: Brian Eno Song: "Mother Whale Eyeless" Album: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Hear it

About the track Just read DeVille's interesting, but somewhat congested bloggy blog and learned that Brian Eno will produce Coldplay's fourth album. This development likely will signal a departure from the band's radio-friendly ambient fluff (which I like) into a world of arty pretensions, random overdubs and an occasional warm jet (which I love).

The track above comes from one of Eno's gems from the early '70s, a decade during which his work with musicians such as Roxy Music, David Bowie and Talking Heads overshadowed the creative genius he exhibited in the studio. On Tiger Mountain, Eno sounded as comfortable in his recording studio as anyone else would feel in his living room.

Why to know this track Eno is one of the most important producers in the history of innumerable genres, and his solo stuff (even though he claimed to be a "non-musician") is fantastic. Now, when all your friends are talking about the new Coldplay record, you can slap this on a mix disc and blow their minds.