Song of the Day: Blue Cheer

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Blue Cheer Track: "Just a Little Bit" Album: Outsideinside (1968)

About the music Regarded as one of the first important power trios, Cheer remains an underappreciated West Coast band that was more grungy than Led Zeppelin and somehow weirder than Black Sabbath.

It's clear that they liked psychedelic music - they just didn't waste too much time analyzing its boundaries like many of their '60s-era contemporaries.

What's most amazing about this track in particular is how well its disjointed structure manages to sound so damn catchy.

Why to know it Most critics point to Sabbath and Zeppelin as influences for current metal bands such as Wolfmother and Mastodon. But Blue Cheer's unrelenting rawness, interesting use of distortion and love of blues has as much to do with those sounds as anyone else.