Girl Talk at Wexner Center

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Non-DJ Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) brought his sweaty party to the austere confines of the Wexner Center performance space this weekend, revving the youngsters into a gyrating mass with his sample scrambles and frequent proclamations that "We aren't in an art gallery! We're in somebody's basement!"

After the jump, a few highlights from the night:

-Times New Viking brought it as the opening act. (Apologies to Rot Wylder for missing your set.) The newest member of the Matador harem delivered a solid set that surely won them a new fan base of freshman girls and the guys that chase them.

-Wes Flexner, Envelope and Grant LaValley started an awesome pit during TNV's set.

-Gillis wore the same T-shirt from our press photo while setting up on stage. Keepin' it real...

-Clad in several layers of sweatshirts, Gillis returned and started a party almost immediately. Within five minutes, people were on stage with him, and the rest of the night played out according to the Girl Talk script, with a bit of stripping, a laptop mishap and a massive, communal celebration. Watching Gillis sway to his musical concoctions, surrounded on stage by a throng of enthused dancers, was a fitting symbol for the blurred divisions between artist and fan in this new user-friendly era. Beyond that, it was just a really cool sight. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. Oh well—check just about any other recap of any other Girl Talk show, or click on the videos above, and you'll get the idea.

-Ace mashup of the night: The stuttering synth from "My Love" paired with "Whoomp! There It Is!"

-Kudos to the Wexner people for letting so many people climb up on stage. Nice job letting the fans have a good time.

-And kudos to everybody for proving that the Wex can throw a bash, even without the booze. (Of course, pregaming across the street and packing a flask can help.)