Song of the Day: Bad Brains

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Bad Brains Track: "Leaving Babylon" Album: Bad Brains (1981)

About the song Originally, the DC hardcore band released this album only on cassette, which made it extremely hard to find and therefore able to accumulate the mystical folklore that surrounds albums that many have heard about but never actually heard. This song is interesting because it emphasizes how drastically the band switched from furious hardcore to smooth reggae.

Why to know it Music fans will forever argue whether this (or Black Flag's Damaged) is the greatest hardcore record of all time. There's much to be said for this one, since it's perhaps the most unique hardcore record released during the peak of the genre. They are also the main influence behind Dub Trio, who plays the Newport Music Hall Feb. 28. Look for print coverage in our Feb. 22 issue.