Song of the Day: Hugs & Kisses

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Columbus Alive

Artist: Hugs & Kisses Track: "The Casualties of Happiness" Album: The Casualties of Happiness (2007) Listen

About the music Chris DeVille and I were trying to explain this new trio to some coworkers and found it rather difficult. H& K mixes hip-hop, folk, punk and atmospheric pop to tell some rather odd tales of drug use, love, life and death. This song replicates what it would sound like to take LSD, live in a clown car and gradually go insane.

Why to know it It's that good kind of weird, capitalizing on the fact that each of us, every listener, is a little bit crazy too. They are set to release this record at a show Friday, February 17. I am writing about the show in print that week and planning an extended online feature soon. I'll keep you posted.