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Chris DeVille's former flame Lindsey, a regular reader of the Alive blogs, said that my blog has lost some of its panache of late. I countered by saying that the daily "Song of the Day" piece, along with a few extra posts, is a nice way to give readers short, informative content.

She countered by saying she would stop reading if things didn't change. (For the record, she's out of my "Fave 5." Dwyane Wade, you're in.)

So here is the "Song of the Day" - along with some other great insight into popular culture.

Artist: Time and Temperature Song: "June" Album: previously unreleased demo Listen

About the music The lone female who composes this indie outfit is one of the best songwriters in the city, borrowing equally from Jolie Holland, Joan Baez and Gram Parsons. This song is a bit sad, especially for a Monday post before a big, scary snowstorm, but the melody is unbelievable, as is the depth achieved with a voice and a guitar.

Why to know it I was trying to time posting this song around the release of her album, but as she mentioned on her blog, the release date for her project keeps being delayed. And I just can't wait any longer to tell people about her work. So there - you heard it here first.

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I'm always a bit behind on Lost news - I can't watch it with commercials - but I should say that the first episode of 2007 was good enough to make me start watching as soon as I can.

I got a little choked up hearing Juliette's back story, even though I hated her very much in the first half of season 3. Plus, some meanies got their appropriate comeuppance. Big time!

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After hearing of Brian Eno's work with Coldplay, and posting one of his classic tracks as a "Song of the Day," I found this site, an online retail outlet that has some rare and exclusive content. [Check it]

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Been watching The Office, American version of course, and I have to say that it's pretty awesome. I always thought that once I started working in an office, I would understand the show much better. Unfortunately, our office isn't nearly as awkward as the one at Dunder Mifflin. That said, some have compared me to Dwight. Not good.