Half-Cocked at Carabar tonight

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Columbus Alive

Carabar is putting on a variety show of sorts tonight, showing two films on its projector before hosting two bands on its stage.

Half-Cocked is the story of some aimless kids who steal a band's van and head out on the road, pretending to be on tour. They can't play their instruments, and they have no shows booked, but they manage to secure some stage time and even gain some acclaim. The film features an excellent 90s indie soundtrack, including work from Columbus legends Gaunt. The band also appears shortly in the movie. Radiation follows a Spanish concert promoter's trials and travails, including dealing drugs on the road to help the bands he's touring with get by. Half-Cocked's directors Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky filmed this second movie while on tour to promote the first.

I watched Half-Cocked this week and found it to be a pretty spot-on lampoon of indie rock culture. Its hazy black-and-white look at apathy, confusion and pretension was surprisingly familiar—it's amazing how little has changed in the decade since Half-Cocked came out. Anyone with an interest in this stuff should find themselves entertained, if not by the story then by the soundtrack, with plenty of gems from bands that didn't get the canonization treatment when the 90s were all said and done. Judging from the trailer, Radiation seems to be cut from the same high quality cloth.

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The movies, each about 90 minutes long, start screening around 7 p.m. Afterward, two of Ohio's rock giants, Mors Ontologica and Dirty Johnny and the Makebelieves, will take the stage.