Welcome to the new digs

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hi folks, and welcome to our new blog system. We like it a lot.

As you browse these new Alive blogs, you'll find them more user-friendly. It's easier to leave comments and search within blogs. Also, the blogs are much easier to find in the first place thanks to our new site. The new system is certainly easier on our end. For example, the old system, for whatever reason, would not allow semicolons; as you can see, we've resolved that.

The introduction of these shiny new blogs also means we lose all of our old entries unless we copy them over manually. I've begun transferring some of my old stuff from as far back as October, although I just got word I might need to start over in the coming weeks, so the archives may disappear for a day or two. Unfortunately, the old comments are gone for good. But I'll definitely be keeping my old album and concert reviews, as well as various other features I deem worthy. The old Lunch Break Links won't be saved, as they would be nearly impossible to reassemble, but of course the feature will continue to appear daily. For now, the old blogs are still accessible here.

But why focus on the past when the future is now? Enjoy the new digs. And let me know what you think in the comments section: Like the new design? What image could I use as a banner to go up top? And are there any entries in particular from the old blog you'd like me to copy over to this one?