Beyond the Fold: February 15

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive


Hats off to everyone for one of my favorite issues since the relaunch last May. Special thanks go out to our photographer, Will, and esteemed editorial designer, Michaela. The pics and layout really made what could've been a random collection of favorites into cohesive sections.

Our 1,200 poll respondants picked some old favorites, some hot newbies and a sprinkling of places that I've never heard of but am now eager to check out. With that said, I thought I'd give readers a few other places to try.

(drum roll)

Though known for its more upscale cuisine, tight quarters and stunning bar staff, this Short North eatery is perfect for burgers before the crowds start piling in around 8 p.m. Also, the fries are amazing as well.

Best Sushi Sapporo Sushi Factory 732 N. State St., Westerville 614-895-7575

I don't normally skip meals on purpose before hitting up a sushi restaurant, unless it's this Westerville gem, at which I can gorge myself on the freshest fish and not feel guilty about an empty wallet. Try anything; it's delicious. Bonus: It's owned by people from Chesterland, my hometown.

Best Grocery Store Aldi 2395 Silver Dr., Clintonville

Currently, DeVille, Will and I are studying for the Elevator's MBA (Masters of Beer Appreciation) program, a special promotion that will give us a taste of 12 different monthly specials concocted by the city's finest brewery. Also, the regular drafts are spectacular; in fact, the Lift Light is the tastiest light beer on the planet.

Best Juke Box Dick's Den 2417 N. High St., Campus 614-268-9573

I like the jukebox at the St. James Tavern, which was the favorite of Alive readers, but it;s got records that I own. The music player at the city's favorite jazz club has a collection of 45s that you can't even buy anymore. Here, jazz, soul, rock and blues reigns supreme, as they should everywhere else.

Best Festival Italian Festival Italian Village

Sure, Comfest has the music I love, but the Italian Festival has the laidback atmosphere, ethnic dancers and Old World vibe that no one can match. Go there on a sunny afternoon, grab a beer and relax to the sounds of accordian and people being especially nice to each other. And by beer I mean Peroni, not Rolling Rock.