Lunch Break Links: Feb. 16, 2007

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Columbus Alive

It's almost the weekend. Just a few more hours. Of course, many of you got snow days this week, so maybe the weekend isn't quite as exciting.

I know you'll all be super-crushed, but Audioslave has officially broken up. Hopefully this means Soundgarden will get back together. For some reason I'm not that psyched about the potential of Rage expanding their reunion beyond Coachella.

Update: Supposedly an SG reunion is not likely, but I'll hold out hope.

Good stuff from Pop Candy this morning:

-An interview with Alan Dale (of The OC, Ugly Betty, Lost and just about every other one-hour primetime show).

-Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia are in a fight.

-And Rolling Stone had a powwow with David Lee Roth about the Van Halen reunion.

Here are 14 TV shows that need a DVD release.

The new Modest Mouse album leaked.

With the NBA All-Star Game this weekend, Bill Simmons goes back 20 years to revisit the greatest All-Star game ever.

Mac users: The new program Peel will search your bookmarked blogs for mp3s and present them to you, iTunes style. Sounds awesome.

And have you seen this clip of the new Fox News' right-wing Daily Show rip-off? This guy (not surprisingly) doesn't like it much. Some of it was actually funny, but I think it's awful that they're making an issue out of Barack Obama's middle name. Xenophobia rules!

OK, so it's not actually that funny either.