Not again, ESPN

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I'm with Chris DeVille in not caring about the NBA All-Star Game, which happened this weekend. Instead of watching it, I decided to immerse myself into a marathon run-through of the third season of The Ofiice.

Top five moments in a second.

For now, here's another thing I won't be watching: The Bassmaster Classic. The picture above is all I will provide. Spreading the word with a link would just be wrong.

What's interesting is how cocky ESPN has become with its golden touch. Previously, it was the PBA (Professional Bowling Association) Tour and a kitschy ad campaign saying, "Sundays Are for Bowling." Walter Ray Williams, Jr. seems like a stand-up guy, but a superstar he is not.

Now, for the more on The Office, which is quickly becoming my favorite network TV show. (South Park is still tops, even in the off-season.)

Top Five Moments (episodes 3.1 to 3.14)

5. Andy's personality mirroring (3.13) Though I'm glad he'll be in (anger) management training for a few episodes, his ape of Michael's horribly awkward, inconsiderate, slangy everyman manager was pretty amusing, as was his ridiculous plans for hanging out with Michael over the weekend. "Then a quick nap at my place" - amazing.

4. Gadar (3.1) Jim's pranks against Dwight are one of the highlights of the show, especially since they are usually more clever than mean. This one, which capitalized on Jim's wit and Dwight's quest for power, was my favorite: a black security wand that Dwight used to test for homosexual employees.

3. Assistant to the Regional Manager (3.2) After Dwight's attempted coup, Michael teaches him a lesson by pretending to step down as manager. Dwight assures him that he will be not assistant regional manager, but assistant to the regional manager.

2. Toby falling flat (3.6) I agree with DeVille that the show needs as much Toby as possible, though no one at our office is as habitually bored, annoyed or depressed as our favorite TV human resource specialist. I wavered between laughing and cringing when Toby lost his nerve asking out Pam.

1. "Who's Bob Vance?" (3.8) After being transfered from Stamford, Karen overhears talk of a man named Bob Vance. When she asks who he is, Phyliss replies, with a condescending sneer, "You have a lot to learn about Scranton."

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