Lunch Break Links: Feb. 21, 2007

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Columbus Alive

OK, now let's move on to our links.

That Van Halen reunion? Postponed indefinitely.

John Ross and I were just discussing how ridiculous it is for TV shows to continue using laugh tracks, and now look at this Dispatch feature on that very topic.

Unfortunately, the traditional sitcom seems to be back in style. Freaking CBS.

Michelle Rodriguez: Drunk driver, annoying Lost character, civil rights crusader!

Whoa there, Mr. and Mrs. Incest, let's take a step back and re-examine our decisions, eh? Seriously, though, this is equally engrossing and disturbing. (via Gawker)

My favorite part of Wednesday: Lost theorizing.

Stereogum has new Bright Eyes and Dungen songs.

Also, the blogs seem to be going crazy today for this Norwegian band the New Violators. Vegan and Gum, yeah.

Big day for the Reno 911 movie at A.V. Club. The creators talk here, and here's a bit from two of the "officers."

Also, it seems A.V. keeps a daily chart of what videos are getting the most buzz on the Internet. It's worth checking out.

Largehearted Boy (LHB in my slang) usually has several things of note in its section similar to this one, and today is no different. This Yo La Tengo interview is pretty cool, as is this NY Times look at the C.S. Lewis convention and this assessment of The White Rapper Show.

Also, LHB dude seems to have his finger on the Columbus indie rock pulse, referencing Rob Duffy, Erik Kang, Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horse(POOP) in recent postings.

Lastly, The Onion got me to laugh hard twice this week with reports on John Amaechi coming out and Dane Cook's new TV special.

See you later with some album reviews.