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Many interesting things happening today at the Alive office...

Music News

The Jesus & Mary Chain have announced their first shows in nine years. Only three dates have been posted, but those heading to Coachella will be pleased to know that the noise-rock band will be playing there Friday, April 27.

A note from member Jim Reid about the band's last show in 1998:

"[It] was such a bloody awful mess, too much drink, too many drugs, nobody seeing eye to eye on anything and the band just blew up, and I suppose you could say this is another good reason for our reformation, cause that was no way for the Mary Chain to end."

On the homefront, I just got a call from the publicist working with Warm in the Wake. They have cancelled their show at Little Brother's on Feb. 28.

TV News

When I posted my favorite moments from the third season of The Office, I realized how much I loved Andy's "personality mirroring." I think that might be the funniest bit. Instead of altering the list, check out this clip...