Song of the Day: Dr. John

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Dr. John Track: "Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya" Album: Gris-Gris (1968)

About the Music Ripples from the first San Francisco acid wave spread across the United States in the late '60s, but in my opinion, not enough reached the balmy, bluesy regions of New Orleans. One of the few artists who lapped them up was Dr. John, a mythical multi-instrumentalist who watered his blues roots with noise, psychedelics and spacey nonsense of the highest order.

Why to Know It With layered background vocals atop the mystic's hearty mumbling, this track stands as one of the best from a man whose catalogue is as legendary as his voodoo stage persona. It's Lent now, but if you're looking to continue a Mardi Gras celebration, do yourself a favor and buy this record.