Song of the Day: Embassy

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Columbus Alive

About the music When I spoke to the band last week, they called this track the backbone of the new album, which will be released with a party Friday, Feb. 23, at Skully's. It's a tight pop-rock track that should sound familiar to fans of the current sound of MTV2.

Why to Know It The band recently signed a publishing contract with Sony/ATV, which means that that its music has a good chance of appearing in different media, such as films and TV shows. You'll hear it first in the PlayStation release MLB '07.

More on embassy...

Sometimes the most peculiar stuff - tidbits that don't make it into print - are the most interesting things about a band. Check out the "Locals Only" tomorrow.

For now, here's some Embassy trivia.

1. Lead singer C. Todd Nielsen has been struck by lightening - twice. Neither was a direct hit, which would have killed him, but paramedics were called after one of the strikes.

2. During the recording of the ballad "In the Company of Spiders," Nielsen's sister called. The tone of the ring was the same as that of the music, so they left it in.

3. All five members have blue eyes, and all five sets of parents are married.

4. Musician and songwriter Mike Seminari regularly goes down to Nashville and works with other artists to write songs for big-name groups.