Lunch Break Links: Feb. 23, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Friday again. Great episode of The Office last night, and a legitimately tingly OC finale. Plus a medicore movie and a sugar explosion at Little Brother's. More on all of that this afternoon; for now, click on links.

So much juice here! Taste a sample platter: Robert DeNiro is developing a third Fockers movie. (Blech. That second one was unbearable.) George Clooney and Cate Blanchett might be lending their voices to Wes Anderson's upcoming animated movie. (Delicious!) Warner is considering a Justice League movie. (We'll have to wait for the aftertaste to pass judgment on this one.)

Robert Duffy and MikePoint3 both posted this video of "graffiti... with lasers!" over on the message board.

Corey Dillon wants off the Patriots. He ain't what he used to be, but I'll take him in a Browns uniform right away.

You may have heard about fans of the book Bridge of Terabithia griping over a trailer that painted the movie version as a fantastical romp. They worried that the book's depressing ending would be hacked off. Not so. Slate looks at what the book teaches kids.

Mel Brooks is getting his wish from the Season 4 finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Producers is closing on Broadway.

The TV Addict has a preview of next week's Heroes, which looks to feature a heaping helping of my favorite character, Mr. Bennet aka Horn Rimmed Glasses.

Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood is assembling a reggae compilation, says Stereogum.

Finally, I'm just getting into the music of Richard Thompson, so I enjoyed this interview.

I'll be back later with lots of content, so sit tight.