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Well, I didn't make it to the end of the Oscars. I fell asleep around 11:30, but not because the show was bad; it was surprisingly entertaining throughout. Especially of note was the musical number by Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly, an incredibly funny, smart and catchy ode to the Oscars' percieved bias against comedians. (They're right: that Helen Mirren's a looker.) The Dreamgirls stuff was pretty great too. I should see that. Meanwhile, host Ellen Degeneres' jokes mostly hit home. The only peripheral element to suffer was the red-carpet and backstage reporting from those dimwits other than Chris Connelly. (It's weird for me to see him hosting stuff like this, but he's eons better than Seacrest.)

As for the awards themselves, a few shockers filtered in among the non-surprises. I was pleased to awake and find out The Departed won it all and Martin Scorsese finally got his statue. The expected wins by Forest Whitaker, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Hudson seemed well-deserved, although I've only seen Whitaker's film of the three. The top surprises were Alan Arkin snatching the supporting actor award from Eddie Murphy and Pan's Labyrinth's loss in best foreign-language feature.

If only all awards telecasts could be this good.

Full list of winners here.

EDIT: How could I forget about Ennio Morricone's lifetime acheivement award? Nice touch.

EDIT 2: OK, so it was too long. But I think most of what they passed the time with was worthwhile content. They only throw this thing once a year, you know?