Lunch Break Links: Feb. 27, 2007

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Today, a real lunch break links for you once again:

First, let's catch up on some TV stuff. Still grappling with The OC's demise? Creator Josh Schwartz answered viewer questions at And The TV Addict has compiled all its coverage about the show into a convenient archive.

TV Guide has a feature on Law & Order: SVU, one of the only procedural shows I can stomach. And they have interviews with 24's Chad Lowe and a recently departed Heroes cast member.

Pop Candy linked to this interview with Matt Groening about the Simpsons movie, the show and the return of Futurama.

More Jack McBrayer! The 30 Rock star talked to AV Club. Aaaand...

Kanye West remixed the new Fall Out Boy song and included a verse from himself in which he disses the band. Brilliant concept, though I'm not sure the execution was so good.

In related news, I love the Scott Storch-Timbaland beef, though I'm not sure why Tim even bothered to call out such an inferior talent.

Breaking story: A North Dakota news outlet has found that "dressing emo" can be "dangerous."

Tokyo Police Club, one of those up-and-coming bands I can get behind, has an interview and video session up at Daytrotter.

Fresh off their Oscar wins, The Departed director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter William Monahan are set to collaborate on a rock 'n' roll epic.

Speaking of The Departed, why was Jack Nicholson bald at the Oscars? Here's why. (Scroll down.)

Finally, James Cameron claims to have discovered the bones of Jesus Christ. Hmm.