Lunch Break Links: March 1, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Despite my misty eyes and runny nose, you get links. SO CLICK ON THEM.

A few tracks from the upcoming Wilco album Sky Blue Sky are up at Indietastic, though I could only get the ones at Idolator to download. Very downbeat stuff. It will be interesting to see where the album goes from there.

Wilco also announced a world tour and revealed the album art.

Also, the White Stripes announced that their sixth album will be called Icky Thump.

It sure would be nice to get a glimpse of these fancy new OSU basketball jerseys I keep reading about.

Speaking of basketball, have you heard about this 7-foot-9 dude?

I love how Arcade Fire denied Paul Haggis. Take that, Donnelys!

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem has been doing a blog for The Guardian, and apparently people are miffed that he has been writing about ultimate fighting and airline miles instead of music.

Did you know Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" is not about Britney, but Elisha Cuthbert and her relationship with JT's friend Trace Ayala? And Elisha is pissed about it.

What the hell, Mary-Kate Olsen? And what the hell, New York Times? Why are you publishing stuff like this? The Hater has his way with you.

Fresh off allegedly finding Jesus' bones, James Cameron is partnering with record mogul Jimmy Iovine to make 3D music videos.

Ever wonder what happened to (International) Noise Conspiracy? They are recording with Rick Rubin.

I still haven't heard this band Voxtrot, but all signs point to them being quite likeable. They finally have a full-length album coming out.

And, as usual, you can talk about last night's Lost here, here, here and here.