Lunch Break Links: March 2, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Really? The Geico Cavemen are getting a TV show? Really?

(To retread a joke made millions of times this TV season, perhaps Nuclear Ted from Heroes can join the cast.)

My former flame Lindsey sent me this NY Times article that's "real life The Wire." Definitely worth a read whether you watch the acclaimed cop show or not.

ESPN columnist Bill Simmons took a spin in the commentator's booth for some college basketball games and surprisingly discovered "It's not that hard."

EW's Whitney Pastorek ran another one of her chart flashbacks, revisiting the hits from 23 years ago this week.

Slate asks: "Do female suicide bombers get virgins too?"

Peyton Manning is the latest SNL host to get my hopes up. Cut that meat!

The BBC smartly partnered with YouTube.

Wow, Yoko Ono owned up to ruining John Lennon's career.

Finally, meet "the most connected puppet in indie rock."