Lunch Break Links: March 5, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I need a haircut and a shave, and you need lunch break links. At least one of us is getting what they need today.

I'm not sure how I missed this last week, but one of my favorite bands, The Dismemberment Plan, is reuniting to play a benefit concert in DC. I'm seriously considering the trip.

Shaq is doing a new weight-loss reality show for ABC. (Also, Borat's Ken Davitan has joined the cast of Get Smart and Ashton Kutcher is developing a game show for CBS.)

Codgers and bigots rejoice: Rap music sales are down. Somehow, I don't think Hip Hop Is really Dead.

In related "news," an unreleased Jimmy Page guitar riff will be removed from the vault to save rock 'n' roll, The Onion reports.

Is it really that big of a deal to be "cast" as an extra in a movie? Well, former OSU basketball player Matt Sylvester has been.

The 11th(!) season of South Park premieres Wednesday, and Comedy Central isn't revealing anything about the first show's topic because it's supposedly too controversial. As co-creator Trey Parker put it, "someone would try to stop us from doing it before it got on the air." Even if it's a little skimpy on details, this interview with EW is worth a read. I can't wait.

Wild Hogs continued our nation's grotesque streak of No. 1 movies. Black Snake Moan? Only made $4 million.

The director of 300, which I'm psyched to see at our Alive-sponsered preview tomorrow, has begun work on an action fantasy called Sucker Punch.

Speaking of 300...

I hate how people are assuming it has a political agenda. This hoopla better not ruin my viewing experience.

Will Barack Obama or some other suave electioneer ride his good looks to the White House?

Say hello to your July Vanity Fair guest editor: Bono. "We've got to get better at storytelling," he says. "Bill Gates tells me this all the time."

Internet radio is getting more expensive, even as Sirius stock remains doomed.

Sometimes science is pretty freaking scary.

I want this T-shirt, but I don't think I am enough of a legit video game geek to justify wearing it.

Because Wikipedia is just TOO LEFT-LEANING: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Conservapedia. (Thanks to The Hater.)

Speaking of conservatism, this look at Alex P. Keaton is pretty intriguing.

Look out for a 60-second Spider-Man 3 clip during a Heroes commercial break tonight. Or, you know, watch it on YouTube tomorrow.

Finally, shhh, I didn't tell you this, but you can watch LOTS of TV shows online for free here.