Lunch Break Links: March 6, 2007

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Columbus Alive

As advertised during Heroes last night, NBC is hosting 7+ minutes of Spider-Man 3 footage for today only. Check it.

Speaking of Heroes, you can discuss it here, here and here. I officially made the switch and chose Heroes over 24 this week, so I'll have to go online to catch Jack's exploits. Turns out he's off the hook, though, since Heroes is gone until April 23.

Also via Candy, Woody Allen's newest recruits: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. And apparently "meh" is sweeping the nation(s), but I didn't realize this was a new development.

Bright Eyes is coming back to town this May.

Here are some high profile reviews of Columbus acts Lambsbread and Jordan O'Jordan. (OK, so Jordan moved almost two years ago, but he made the album here...)

We got a press release about this site called, where you can "discover, enjoy and share world cinema."

Also heard from some PR folks about, a cool news video site staffed by college students around the country. It's run by ex-NBC4 reporter Joe Weasel.

Speaking of TV news...

What have we learned from Katie Couric's first six months on the job?

Martin Scorsese seems to be keeping all his Departed collaborators close. We knew he was sticking with his main man Leo on the upcoming Teddy Roosevelt movie, and he's working with screenwriter William Monahan on a rock 'n' roll flick. Now he and Mark Wahlberg are reteaming to helm an HBO series about Atlantic City.

Zach Braff is about to get real paid.

Speaking of ol' Chuck, since when does he write about stuff like the death penalty? This Britney examination seems more up his alley, but then again, maybe his arena is changing as he ages.

The Office cast got together for a panel at the Paley Festival, whatever that is. (Aha!)

Critics and the masses disagree? Who knew!?

Larry Charles (comedy director extraordinaire) inked a deal with ABC, but luckily it doesn't affect the Kanye West show he's developing for HBO.

Robert Smith performed with Korn? Really?

Here is a new video from +/-. They're playing Sunday at Andyman's Treehouse with locals Eric Metronome and Blake Miller.

And finally, a look at "our Ann Coulter problem." As long as we're slinging insults, Ann, you look like a man.