South Park Trivia Game

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The 11th season of South Park debuts tomorrow at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central, and readers of this blog should know what a big fan I am of the show. A new season means that I will be hosting a South Park Party at my house, doing my best Cartman impression around the office and recalling my favorite episodes to uninterested coworkers.

For now, though, I will test your knowledge with a fun trivia game based on TV's most groundbreaking show. Here's how it works: Answer the questions and email them to along with your address. The top three respondents will be awarded with prizes - real, tangible office prizes. I'll post the answers and winners next Wednesday.

Here we go:

1. Name five ways that Kenny died.

2. In season three, the boys try to unravel a Halloween mystery down at the docks. They are helped by which rock band?

3. Cartman's dream since early childhood has been to make $10 million. Name two ways he has tried to earn it.

5. When Barbara Streisand finds the missing Triangle of Zinthar in season one, she transforms into Mecha-Streisand. Luckily she is defeated by the boys with the help of some powerful celebrities. Name one of them.

6. Kyle and Stan find a prehistoric iceman frozen in a cave. Unable to adapt to the year 1999, he's advised to go to a place where everything hasn't changed since 1996. Where did he go?

7. Early on in the show, the boys routinely joked about the sexual inclinations of Cartman's mom and said she made the cover of a certain cult pornographic magazine. To Cartman's dismay, she actually appeared on the cover of this periodical. What was it?

8. In the season five finale, Kenny is stricken with a degenerative muscular disorder, and Cartman vows to find a cure for the disease. Telling the story of his friend back home, he goes to Congress and gets the government to reverse its ban on stem-cell research. Why does he actually use the stem cells for?

9. Satan is confused in season four because he can't chose between his two lovers: Chris, the sensitive nutritionist, and Saddam Hussein. Who does he go to for help?

10. In "Gray Dawn," senior citizens take over the town, demanding equal rights and their driver's licences. How do the boys eventually thwart them?