Lunch Break Links: March 7, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Snow again? Is this necessary?

Also, a bunch of OSU basketball players got Big Ten awards, but they managed to feel slighted by not winning every possible honor. Now they're "got something to prove" in the Big Ten tourney.

The whole Wilco album leaked. Idolator has another track for you, but if you look around, you can find the whole thing.

I haven't watched The Black Donnellys yet, but for those of you who are into the show, NBC has posted an online-only episode. Interesting tactic.

George Lucas wants to turn Star Wars into TV shows. This guy says Lucas is naive.

Thanks to Pop Candy for this one: Turns out Joely Richardson has not left Nip/Tuck for good. She's signed on for Season 5.

That article mentions that she was in 101 Dalmations, which I happened to see some of this weekend (don't ask). Also in the film, portraying one of Cruella de Vil's henchmen? House.

Speaking of House, Dave Matthews is guest-starring tonight.

I have a side note to this story about diehard Hanson fans as well. This girl who works under my friends at esteemed college newspaper The Post also has a gig writing for a Hanson fan site. She has a monthly column! Monthly!

Crap, I can't find the link. I'll seek it out and update this later. I'm not trying to make fun of her.

OK, I am. Sorry, Susan.

UPDATE: Here it is! Visit for all your Hanson fandom needs!

More links after the jump:

"Metallica set to follow in Muse's footsteps"? Never thought I'd read that one.

TV continues to try to copy the Web and incorporate viewer-created content.

Interesting bit here about this book Totally Wired, about what teens and tweens are really doing online.

Supposedly the payola fallout has led to a bright future for indie music on the radio.

Pierce Brosnan will likely join Meryl Streep in the film version of Mamma Mia!

Green Day will appear in the Simpsons movie and have a song featured on the soundtrack.

The Hater thinks Kal Penn (aka Kumar) is having trouble shifting from "comedic actor" to "comedic-actor-who-sometimes-does-serious-roles."

Is the media celebrating Scooter Libby's conviction?

Tim Daly has signed on for the episode of Grey's Anatomy that could lead to an Addison Montgomery spin-off.

Finally, my dudes Peter Bjorn and John stopped by AOL's The Interface to play some songs.