Lunch Break Links: March 8, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I'm off today, so I'm compiling links here in the early AM. See you back here tomorrow. In the meantime, today's selections:

In one of the least surprising turns for a reality TV star, Jason from The Hills and Laguna Beach is going to jail. is chock full of good stuff, like this bit about Timbaland wanting to "save" Britney Spears by working with her on a new album, and his "best friend" Justin supposedly being in on the plan.

Or what about this story regarding all the uncertainty about which Grey's Anatomy cast members are coming back?

Or this take on the record industry's ridiculous list of the 200 CDs you must own. I mean, most lists like this are ridiculous, but this one really dips to a new low.

To complete today's Lost binge, this TV Guide cover story promises exclusive clues about Claire's past.

What? There are other topics on the Internet? Read on to discover some of them.

Bringing this column's count to 2 of 5 'N Sync members, I submit to you: Lance Bass is writing a memoir.

The Browns signed ex-Ravens running back (and noted criminal) Jamal Lewis. ( Dispatch | PD | Beacon-Journal ) That dude is only 27? How is that possible?

Those bastards at the RIAA are making 50 OU students pay up to $3,000 for illegal downloading.

Speaking of the RIAA, Idolator linked to this screed about the music organization's hassling of music bloggers and how it continues the tradition of acting "to protect short-term profits at the expense of consumer goodwill, long-term success, and quality music."

Panda Bear is Noah Lennox from Animal Collective, and his latest solo joint Person Pitch is getting tons of buzz (for good reason, I should add). Check out a video from the album here.

And as long as you're visiting Stereogum, check out this video from Figurines. I simply never got around to hearing their great Skeleton from last year, or else it would have cracked my Top 20 easily.

Despite all the new consoles out there, PlayStation 2 remains the hottest game system around.

And finally, bringing this column full circle, That Dude From Blues Traveler was arrested yesterday.