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Tales from the Crypt

Soul singer James Brown's body was recently moved from an undisclosed location to a crypt at the home of one his daughters. [Story]

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit bizarre? Having your dead father in a crypt at your house?

Buckeyes cracked again

The Ohio State men's basketball team closed out the Big Ten tourney with a 17-game winning streak in which they beat Wisonsin twice. That they weren't given the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament wasn't surpiring.

What was: None of ESPN's pundits - who regularly try to outanalyze each other - came to their defense. Weak, guys, totally weak.

Luckily, the Dispatch had their backs. [Read]

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Has spring sprung?

Not sure. But this warm spell were having reignited my interest to visit each of the 17 metroparks in the Columbus area. I tried to do so last year, but only reached five.

I lived in Columbus for nearly five years before I went to any of them, so I'm guessing that many readers of this blog are familiar with what's out there.

A full list of parks and accomodations here.

I'll be reporting back here with more nature news regularly, as I plan to catch a 2-pound smallmouth in Columbus by August.

Borat extras worth the purchase

DeVille and I watched the DVD release of Borat, and I thought the extra scenes - totalling about 30 minutes - were definitely worth it. [Check it out]

However, the film didn't benefit from another viewing. I expeted to laugh twice as hard, but didn't. Maybe in a year or so, after I've exhausted all my Ali G Show reruns.