Lunch Break Links: March 20, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Welcome to Tuesday, a day for music and DVD releases, long lunchtime trips to Chipotle and premature longing for the weekend.

Want to go to Texas this Thursday to see Ohio State in the NCAA tournament? Tickets are readily available. (Apparently we're all waiting to go to the Final Four instead. How confident of us.)

Interesting interview here by The Dispatch's Tim Feran. He spoke with Kim Phuc, the girl in a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo from 1972 in war-torn Vietnam. Now a peace advocate, she will appear tonight at Denison University.

Weird Al's parody of "Trapped in the Closet" now has a video.

The new Modest Mouse album comes out today, and to celebrate, this weekend Isaac Brock turned a knife on himself during a concert in Sioux Falls.

30 Rock (which can't come back on the air fast enough) will feature Sean Hayes of Will and Grace fame as Kenneth the Page's country cousin.

Sounds like the future is bright for that show and the wonderful Friday Night Lights.

Lost, rock and more after the jump:

The AV Club talked to Andrew WK. Where's he been?

TV Guide has an interview with Terry O'Quinn (Locke from Lost) about this week's "spectacular reveal." It's not really spoilery, so check it out.

From NYT via LHB: Classical music sales--on the rise?

The Ponys, who I kept missing at SXSW, have a session up at Daytrotter.

And lastly, a requiem for I'm From Rolling Stone.