Song of the Day: Ocean Ghosts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Ocean Ghosts Track: "Trick Rhetoric" Album:Pepperoni Lovers Listen

About the music What was so amazing about the Ghosts' debut album, Stars and Stripes Forever, was that these two dudes did on record what everyone wants to do in the current political climate: get drunk, scream loudly and tell the closest figure of any authority to kiss right off.

This album keeps that energy, but this song in particular channels their slacker chic into a focused soul tune as interesting as anything off of De La Soul's classic 3 Feet High and Rising.

Why to know it Just got word that the new album will be released Saturday, March 31, with what should be a rollicking good time at their favorite local spot Carabar. Take your best girl and that cool history professor from high school.