Lunch Break Links: March 21, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Can I tell you how excited I am to find out about Locke's legs tonight?

I'm very excited. Very, very excited.

Since we're already talking about Lost anyway, might as well link to Doc Jensen's Lost theorizing. The first few paragraphs of that are whetting my appetite even more.

Also, Mike Conley is coming back next season for Ohio State. Sweet!

This Chuck Klosterman article on the NFL and steroids is definitely worth a read.

Here's another long Friday Night Lights feature. It comes back on tonight with the first of the season's last four episodes. I implore you to watch. 8 p.m. on NBC. Save this show.

Tom Cruise has signed on for a new WWII movie by Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns). The film "depicts an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler."

I forgot to mention this before, but Morrissey is coming to Columbus. Polarize yourselves at your leisure.

A couple in Sweden is trying to fight the government for their right to name their daughter Metallica.

Rashida Jones (Karen from The Office) is in TV Guide's new "sexy issue." See here.

Lots more links after the jump.

PopMatters explores the question of what makes a great rock drummer.

Stylus grapples with a stupid debate: The Cure vs. Depeche Mode. Is there really any question which one is better?

Sad news for anyone who remembers the show's heyday fondly (hey, I was in 8th grade): TRL is no longer live.

And in other sad news for anyone who remembers their heyday, Jurassic 5 is breaking up (though really it's about time, right?)

Timbaland is being accused of ripping off a Finnish producer for the Nelly Furtado hit "Do It." (found here)

Check out this collabo by Ghostface and Prodigy.

David Duchovny is coming back to TV--Showtime, to be exact.

The Traveling Wilburys are getting reissued.

Finally, this is why we need Dunkin Donuts in town.