Lunch Break Links: March 26, 2007

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We'll start with sports, then get to music, movies and all that entertainment stuff.

Gilbert Arenas strikes again! A must-read!

Landon Donovan had a hat trick in the United States' win over Ecuador yesterday. ESPN's Jen Chang wonders why Donovan doesn't put out like that more often. Here's the game recap. Also, he's only 25? How is that possible?

Whoa. Radiohead might be signing with the Starbucks record label? Seriously?

This just in: The Riches rules. More on this show later this week (or perhaps this afternoon). But be sure to watch tonight at 10 on FX, and read this interview with Eddie Izzard.

On an opposite note, I concede: After reading this bit, I have to agree with the Grey's Anatomy haters. I put that show on the backburner thanks to The OC and 30 Rock, anyway. (Though I would totally catch up on the last few months if anybody has them on tape.)

This week Stylus explores the Top 50 One-Hit Wonders. They'll reveal 10 picks each day through Friday.

I can totally relate to this disgruntled fan of serialized dramas. (Note: 24 spoiler for anybody who hasn't caught up to this season.)

Premiere has a list of the 25 Best Movie Posters. Silence of the Lambs is in there. What else?

Ever wonder what TV shows Bill Clinton watches?

Also, ever wondered what other links I posted beyond the jump?

PopMatters interviewed Panda Bear, whose new Person Pitch is getting one hell of a pat on the back from its friend the Internet.

Here's a cool music site for you: Pandora has been around for a while, but I finally checked it out recently. Operating through a music analysis system called the Music Genome Project, the site builds online radio stations based on your preferences. Like radio should, it reveals new bands to explore and reminds you of some forgotten favorites.

Check out this WSJ story on Armed Forces Entertainment, not to be confused with USO. (credit: Idolator)

LHB has a collection of live music downloads from SXSW.

Credit LHB also for this Washington Post story about the woman who soundtracked The OC and Grey's Anatomy starting her own record label.

And this Guardian bit where they asked authors to write six-word stories.

And this one about which bands sell the most digital copies of their back catalog to young folks.

The New Pornographers have a new album coming out, and they'll be at the Pitchfork Fest this summer.

And finally, geekboy fans of The Office (myself included): Rejoice!