Lunch Break Conversation

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For the past several months, Chris DeVille has posted a daily blog feature called "Lunch Break Links," a collection of cool links to the worlds of music, news, pop culture, sports and more.

In the words of Hugs & Kisses, it's "totally awesome, totally radical."

To bolster that great idea, he and I will be posting regular two-part "Lunch Break Conversations," which are meant to accompany the blog text that you read during your lunchtime. This will be sort of like an audio commentary about all the stuff you need to know.

We'll discuss new CDs and movies, weird news and upcoming features in the paper. Half will be on his blog; half on mine. (It's easier to download thsi way.)

This week, we talked about Lost, Hillary Duff, Franklinton redevelopment, Dr. Dog, Planes Mistaken for Stars and more. Here's the second part of our inaugural edition. [Check it]