Beyond the Fold: March 29

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Pulse - Food stuffs

Thanks so much to Rebecca Zimmer, G.A. Benton, Michaela, sales and everyone else who put together our heaviest issue ever - in terms of weight, of course, not seriousness. It's certainly an Ultimate Restaurant Guide, and we don't use that tag lightly.

Hopefully, people will be stashing this in their cars, homes, offices for later use. The only thing that depresses me about such an issue is that it reminds me how many places around town I still need to try.

Also, props to Chris DeVille for getting the good stuff out of the local wait staff. There's nothing worse than a bunch of servers just complaining about poor tipping etiquette. "Restaurant Confidential," however, was amazing on all fronts. My favorite: Clearly the story about the woman who smeared poop on the bathrooms walls.

My only question: The server said it happened like seven or eight times. How?

The Big Screen - Deep Focus Film Festival

The third Alive film festival is going to be the best one yet, judging from the preview Melissa Starker wrote in the paper this week.

What makes this year special is that the planning committee has done a good job mixing heady feature films (Dare Not Walk Alone) with those movies we all love to watch with friends (Moonstruck). One of Starker's explicit goals has been to celebrate films that never make it to the multiplex and to introduce them to a new audience.

In order to do this, you've got to draw in fans who aren't aware that challenging films can be fun, too. This year, even more than the two previous years, the lineup should do just that.

Congrats, Starker.

I had the pleasure of discussing the lineup with her this afternoon. Click to the multimedia section to hear the latest Deep Focus podcast.