Repping the 216: Some Cool Cleveland Hip-Hop

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Columbus Alive

For a number of reasons - age, location, interests, ignorance - I never became that familiar with the hip-hop of Cleveland. I would say the scene has blossomed since I left in 2000, but I really didn't know much about it before I came to Columbus.

What I can say - knowing a few key players and doing some research - is that it's hopping right now.

This post is by no means comprehensive - more a collection of stuff I really like.


The Kickdrums

Full disclosure would have me tell you that I used to jam on Nirvana covers in middle school with Alex Fitts, one half of this production duo. That would be a problem - my hyping a friend on work blog - if this duo wasn't making tracks for national stars like

Drastic - "The One for Me" "Dras" Will be at the High Five April 14; Scene awarded him honors as "Best Cleveland Emcee"

Corey Bapes

Ray Cash

Spittin' Image

Verbal and Krossword, the two dudes who compose this "Rare Form" "I'll throw your kicks over the power line while you're still wearin' 'em"