Lunch Break Links: April 5, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Short links day, but lots to do, starting with TV:

You could read Jeff Jensen's recap of last night's Lost.

Or this interview with the creator of Vote for the Worst, the site possibly responsible for the success of crappy American Idol contestants.

30 Rock also returns tonight, and it has been renewed for next season! But Friday Night Lights is "trickier"? Don't test me, Kevin Reilly.

David Cross will star as the devil in a new CBS comedy pilot.

Your band of the day is Born Ruffians. The only time I have stopped listening to the new LCD Soundsystem lately is when I make time for this nervous-twitchers from Toronto. I particularly recommend "This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life" and "Hedonistic Me."

Pitchfork ran an interview the other day with Grinderman, the new band with Nick Cave and several of his Bad Seeds. Also, John Ross reviewed the album in his blog.

The new Nine Inch Nails album is streaming online. (cred: gum) In related news, this story about the RIAA going after fans who posted intentionally leaked NIN tracks online is pretty messed up.

Do British people ever stop feuding?

PopMatters has an interview with former local RJD2.

My new friends at BigSoccer directed me to this fan's chat with former US Soccer star and prominent analyst/critic Eric Wynalda.

No! Gilbert Arenas is injured. Hopefully he keeps up his blog anyway.

Via Pop Candy: "Coke complaint delays Jesus film."

Lastly, RIP guy who directed A Christmas Story.