Lunch Break Links: April 6, 2007

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Columbus Alive

To those who celebrate, happy Good Friday to everyone.

Stylus has a wistful look back at the early days of file sharing.

This one's for Kyle Sowash: Last night 30 Rock referenced the classic Doobie Brothers/bootlegging episode of What's Happening!!, so Idolator posted the YouTube gold.

Props to a band with local roots, the Teenage Prayers, for getting an opening slot on a high-profile Hold Steady show in a New York park.

They aren't your band of the day, though. That would be Cincinnati's The Sundresses, who will play Saturday night at Cafe Bourbon Street with Grafton and Beard of Stars.

Those bastards from Florida are going to the NBA.

Speaking of the NBA, the Cavs continue to drive me completely insane.

One more sports tidbit: SI's Ryan Hunt ranks the Crew 11th of 13 MLS teams in his preseason power rankings, yet says "Expect this team to be better than most people believe." Not sure what to make of that. The Dispatch reasserts the widespread optimism that I noticed at Crew Media Day.

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Despite his faults, William Bowers is one of my favorite writers at Pitchfork. This column about why indie dance nights are ruining America, though pretty convoluted, is a good read.

So is this look at Fox News' ultra-late-night entertainment show.

My sister introduced me to Charlie the Unicorn.

LHB directs to a John Vanderslice interview at Gorilla vs. Bear. Vanderslice plays in Athens on Sunday, April 15.

Also via LHB, Conor Oberst tells the Omaha Reader that he now likes Bright Eyes shows to sound "really f---ing good," which is a good thing for people with tickets for his May 20 show at the Wexner Center.

Finally, Pop Candy linked to this behind-the-scenes look at The Office, which, frankly, was kind of a letdown last night. Too dark!

Have a great weekend everybody, and join me at the Crew game tomorrow if you dare.