Monotonix and more at Cafe Bourbon Street

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Astounding show last night at Bobo. Japan's Green Milk From the Planet Orange was an awesome combination of extreme shredding and primal banging, but like all experimental bands, they played too long. I missed most of Deadsea, but I was OK with that because their take on metal doesn't exactly inspire devil horns from me. Then Monotonix played throttling hard rock—melodic, heavy guitar with absurd musicality and a bitchin' drummer who stands up while he plays—as singer Ami Shalev did the following things:

•Set up the drum set and guitar amp in the middle of the bar.

•Stood inside the trashcan.

•Set the drum set on fire.

•Set his pants on fire.

•Climbed on top of a table.

•Poured beer all over himself.

•Poured beer all over his bandmates.

•Stole audience members' beer and poured it on himself.

•Emptied the trashcan on the drummer's head.

•Moved the bass drum away from the set and had the guitarist play it while he joined the drummer to play on the cymbals and snare.

•Climbed on top of the bar.

•Grabbed a handful of straws from the bar and threw them around the room.

•Poured more beer on himself, tossed up the empty can and head-butted it away.

•Lifted a barstool on the table and sat on it.

•While sitting on the table, took off his shoe, poured beer into it, and drank from it.

•Let the guitarist from Green Milk fill his shoe with beer, then drank from it.

•Let Columbus rocker Lee Keeler fill his shoe with beer, then drank from it.

•Let the drummer fill up his shoe with more beer, then poured it on him.

•Moved the drum set to a different part of the floor.

•Poured beer into the trashcan and emptied it on the drummer.

•Picked up the rug and wore it like a cloak.

•Made himself a noose out of duct tape.

•Had fans spin him around on a barstool.

•Played the empty trashcan as a drum.

•Took apart the drum set piece by piece, distributed it to fans, and engaged in a euphoric noise freakout.

I might be forgetting stuff, so if you were there, fill in the gaps in the comments section.

In conclusion: You can keep your damned Wolfmother and White Stripes.